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TPO Roof Installation with Gutters and Downspouts at North East Mall in Hurst, TX

Tpo roof replacement hurst tx

Simon Properties contracted Nations Renovations to remove an old Built Up Roof with gravel and install new a fully tapered 60mil Firestone TPO roof with gutter and downspouts. The section we removed was 150' away from the exterior wall across a different roof section. We had to built a 4 foot wide walkway to transport material and debris with out damaging the existing roof section. Once tore off the existing roof we found approximately half of the decking was bad and had to replaced. Simon Properties now has a new pretty white TPO roof with a 20 year Firestone RedShie

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Products Used: Firestone 60mil Ultraply TPO with fully tapered insulation
Client Review: There are no punch list items and Nations Renovations should be commended on a fine installation that involved a complete tear off with significant deck replacement over an open Mall. Nations Renovations did a nice job protecting the existing roof adjacent to the project area as they removed a significant amount of debris from the roof.
- Tom Sweeney

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