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Gutter Mistakes That Can Damage Your Home

Gutter mistakes

The first and most important gutter mistake a homeowner can make is not hiring a professional roofing company to get the job taken care of. Settling for someone lacking proper credentials, like a business license, or attempting to settle for DIY work is a surefire way to end up with shoddy results and resulting damages.

It's also one of those potential mistakes that's easy to avoid. However, that's far from the only mistake that can be made when it comes to gutter installation or other related services.

Being aware of the possible blunders that can occur and cause problems with your gutter system or home in general, can help you avoid these issues. Take good care of the gutters so they can take good care of your home, and avoid expensive damages.

Top 5 Most Common Gutter Mistakes

Learn from the mistakes of others, so you don't have to endure them yourself.

  • When it comes to your gutter installation, make sure it doesn't end up in the wrong spot. It may seem like placement is obvious - right on the edge of your roof, right? The reality is that the gutters should be placed a few inches below the roofline.
  • Don't settle for a gutter system with too many seams because this is the weakest spot. Plus, it's the place where debris tend to gather inside the gutters. You can avoid this completely by upgrading and opting for seamless gutters.
  • No one wants a crooked gutter, right? Actually, one of the common misconceptions is that your gutters should run level with the ground but this incorrect pitch isn't how it works. There should be a slight tilt so the water runs through the gutters and towards the downspout.
  • Failing to clean your gutters is bad enough. Neglecting to flush the downspouts is even worse. Make sure you get regular cleaning for both so your gutters are functional. If not, the water will spill over and harm the roof, siding, and possibly the foundation of your home.
  • Failing to check for leaks is another big mistake. While most commonly found at the seams, leaks and holes can happen anywhere. Regularly check and have your professional look for problems like leaks.

Taking Care of Your Gutters

Do the right thing and the smart thing and get professional installation and maintenance. With the right care, your gutters can last for years to come.

They'll provide you with years of peak performance and optimal longevity. On the other hand, failure to partner with an industry expert to take care of this will lead to years of problems.

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